Yoga and its benefit

Yoga Gives Freedom From Stress And Anxiety

Stress and anxiety is very common in our day-to-day life due to many reasons like work, financial pressures, relationships, and many other situations. Many kinds of environmental factors can be the reason of the stress like aggressive behavior, speedy vehicles, scary moments like in a haunted house or in a movie and many more. And yoga is one of the best remedies to remove stress and anxiety and by practicing yoga; one can feel free from stress and anxiety, it is like yoga give freedom from stress and anxiety. Yoga is one of the ancient mental, physical and spiritual practices which are originated from India. Yoga simply means the union between mind or soul and body of a person. The exercises in yoga include a series of breathing techniques, postures and stretching exercises which help in physical, mental and spiritual development.

Nowadays, both traditional and modern yoga is practiced all over the world. Many medical institutions do researches on yoga’s advantages and disadvantages and each concluded that there are no side effects on the human body and is the safest practice of all exercise. Yoga is very beneficial for our health, but like every other things yoga also has some advantages and disadvantages. Here we will take a look on both advantages and disadvantages of the yoga.

Yoga and its benefit

Advantages of yoga:-

  • The most popular and the most common advantage of yoga is flexibility. Practicing yoga postures safely increases flexibility of the human body which can reduce the risk of injuring ligaments and muscles.
  • The other advantage of yoga is building strength; it helps our body to build strength. It helps in building core strength of the body.
  • Yoga also helps in improving the posture of the body by using many kinds of body exercises. It helps to address muscular imbalances and developments
  • Practicing yoga not only makes our body better but also makes our mind free from stress. Yoga gives freedom from stress and anxiety.

Disadvantages of yoga:-

  • The most common disadvantage of yoga is injuries. Without professional knowledge or help, practicing yoga can result in injuries.
  • Another disadvantage of yoga is the risk of getting stroke. Intense yoga workouts, especially in hot temperature can result in strokes.
  • Some researchers have proved that practicing yoga may induce the blood pressure on our body.
  • Without the consideration of the age; if we practice yoga it can result in some serious injuries.

Yoga can be both advantageous and disadvantageous for a person. It depends on the using method of the person.